Saturday, December 28, 2013

Documenting 2014

Hello all!
Happy Saturday!!!
I hope you all have enjoyed the start of the last weekend in 2013.
Can you believe that the year is almost over?
Like 3 days left!!!

So I am sitting here trying to decide what my goals for 2014 would be
because I don't do resolutions
although they may be the same thing....
but I call them goals....

I've decided that one of my big things is that I want to journal more and scrapbook. I want to have a better collection of memories from 2014. Looking at pictures is always nice but sometimes I can't remember why I took the picture without a little extra help. My memory is crappy like that after about a week. So I've decided to take as many pictures as I can and take some time to write about some of the pictures I took, if I feel that its important enough to want to remember. I'm PCS'ing to Germany in March, and that shall be a new adventure for me. I also feel that scrapbooking will help me better share things with my family while I'm away. I also want to better remember things down the road, for like if I ever have kids. Germany shall be a fantastic place to try to journal. I know that its not gong to be easy for me, because eI have a hard time sometimes even downloading pictures from my phone for weeks.... but I want to make a better effort to do it.

How am I going to do this? its kind of easy... I hope.
I am taking an 8.5" X 11" sketch book and using it as my base. I chose a sketch boo because I can draw stuff right on the page if I so desire to.
Then I will try to take at least one picture a day.
Either jot notes on a piece of paper or just the voice recorder on my phone to dialog whatever it was about.
Do things like 30 Days of Lists and Doodle a Day

 or other fun challenges like them to help keep me motivated.
I also want to participate in Rukristen's activity of Currently once a week.
Also continue my "I Love" Sundays lists from my other blog
I've decided to use the Project Life cards and SN@P! journaling cards as well to help out.
Although its a 2014 scrapbook, I plan to start it on New years Eve, since we're attening a party at a friends house.
There are some important days in the year that I want to remember, at the very least.

I am most excited for all the new things that are coming up in 2014.

Are you going to document 2014 in any way?
Have any tips or suggestions for me for scrapbooking or memory keeping? I'd love to hear them! Leave me a comment or shoot me an email!!!

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