Sunday, December 29, 2013

"I Love" Sundays v.1

 I am starting "I Love" Sundays all over again since this is a new blog. I think I made it to 54 posts on the old blog, but I know that I missed weeks. Hopefully I can make it more often in this blog. Maybe I should start it throughout the whole week leading up to Sunday.... or at least start writing it in my journal each week when something comes to mind. Either way, hopefully my Documenting 2014 will help keep me motivated. (( I need to make a banner for this series!))

Here is what I am loving this week:

~ Spending the week house sitting with my love- it means alone time for us without barracks roommates bugging us
~ Slept in past 0730 twice this week! That is mucho exciting because I am seemingly programmed to wake up by 0730 at the latest thanks to the military.
~ Spent Christmas dinner with my coworker Kelli, her family, my love, and my friend KiloRomeo

~ Speaking of KiloRomeo... she announced she was pregnant on Christmas! That was pretty exciting.... even though she hid it from me when we joked about it on Tuesday. Haha. I can't be mad tho... she had a good reason
~ Planning is going well of my Documenting 2014 scrapbook
~ The presents my love gave me and the ones my Mom sent me!
~ My pen pal starter kit from Patti on Instagram should be here tomorrow!~ ((Follow me @jmccrafts on IG))
~ All the lovely Christmas cards I received this year.

That's it for now, for the 1st post under the "I Love" Sundays tag. I'm sure there is a lot more that I loved this week, but I can't remember on the spot ((hense why I should keep an ongoing list somewhere)).

Hope you all had a good weekend. Only two days left in 2014! Insert excitement here!!!

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