About Me

Why hello there!

That there is me, I'm Jenn :)

Some of you may know me as one of the founders of The Quirky Craftsters

This page will be a more personal blog as well as one for my other Facebook page called JMC Crafts. My mom asked me why I did this and its just because The Quirky Craftsters is a specific business page... this one is to house all the other random stuff I like to do!

I'm starting a Photography Degree (finally)
I am from Texas (born) and Florida (raised)
Stationed in Germany until 2016
I am in a serious relationship so you'll see lots of pics of him across this page

I am a Lister
a painter
a singer
an amature photographer (see above)
I run a small business
I sew and crochet
I am new to scrapbooking
I draw
I do a lot!

I am a SPC in the United States Army
an Air Traffic Controller
No, not the people with the light cones that direct the airplanes
I'm the voice in the pilots ear
that tells them when they can take off or land
but no, its not my fault your flight is running late
and you're stuck on the tarmack for ever
believe me..... I hate that part too

Want to know anything else?
Just ask!

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