Sunday, March 23, 2014

#30 Days of Lists: 23

Hello! I didn't get to sleep in as late as I was hoping today, but I am being super lazy today so its alright. I did however already accomplish my laundry and a quick walk to the PX.... and now I am just going to watch movies until I hopefully get to call Zeke and talk to him for a little while on the phone. Let it be known that I HATE talking on the phone, but Skype isn't cooperating for us.... so its my next best option at the moment. Hopefully we can get it fixed because I would love to be able to video call him and actually see his face!

* Sleep
* Cuddles
* Relaxing
* Catching up on Letters
* Studying for my next test (maybe)
* Plan my travels in the next couple months

I'm seriously being pretty lame today. I don't want to do much, because I have no car. Its dreary outside so walking is kind of out of the question. And after this past week.... I just want to be lazy darn it!

This coming week should be interesting. I have the rest of my inprocessing which is just Driver's Training (hopefully get my German drivers license so I can drive my car when it gets here!) and Cultural College. Cultural College is two days where they teach you about Germany and its local cultural. From what I understand its maybe general German greetings so we don't look like total idiots when we go out into the towns, they teach you about the trains, and who knows what else. The second day we take a field trip to a nearby town, work the trains, and get to eat and just enjoy a little bit of Germany! I am pretty excited and can't wait to take some pictures!

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