Sunday, March 2, 2014

#30 Days of Lists: 2

This topic is actually one of my favorite ones (I've seen the whole list due to my PCS and having to schedule posts ahead of time. :) ) simply because I do so love all my pen pals (and I really need to catch up on letters tonight! I'm WAYYYYY behind!)

☺ Quirky
☺ Crafty
☺ A Nerd, Geeky
☺ Smart. Silly, Awkward
☺ A Lister
☺ A Loyal Friend

☺ Hardworking when I need to be

How would you describe yourself to a pen pal?

So I think I have kind of figured out how I want to include these lists in my Project Life. I need to print out all the list titles and just glue to them to my blank white cards and just write my lists in pretty handwriting from there. Unless I find specific cards that I like that would go with the prompt of the day!

Speaking of pen pals- Here is a picture of my happy mail from last night:
The T-shirt is a Karen Hallion Print combining Repunzel from Tangled and Doctor Who
My new Canon Rebel T3 camera for school
Letters from Kathy, Kristy, Krista, and Tiffany
 I'll share a post on each of the letters today as well (I wanna play with my new camera)

Like I mentioned in yesterday's post, I drove to Florida yesterday. It was about a ten hour trip all together and it SUCKED. This was the first time I made the trip by myself and I tried to make it in decent time. I only stopped like three times for gas and once because my leg was killing me. I got home just after 6pm because the traffic in Tampa sucked due to construction. I spent several hours on the phone with my mother just to give myself something to do other then falling asleep at the wheel. It was kind of entertaining.... Not looking forward to making that drive back on Tuesday either!

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