Saturday, March 15, 2014

#30 Days of Lists: 15 & My latest adventure

♥ Bedding
♥ Headphones
♥ Car
♥ Wine (seriously.... only twice)

There honestly isn't that much that I have only bought once or twice. If there is more... then I can't think of it.... seriously.

So today I was supposed to go work for my new battalion and was there like an hour or two and nothing was going on. My NCO called the person I was working for to say I wasn't working tomorrow and he asked her if since nothing was going on, if she wanted to just come pick me up and I could go home for the day. She did. I was beyond excited because I was bored out of my mind. I was looking up stuff for this area so I was checking out the Facebook pages for the posts here, so that was a plus. When she picked me up, she asked if I wanted to go to Ansbach today instead of tomorrow so I can just hang out tomorrow and she can spend all day studying.

What was only supposed to be like an hour and a half drive turned into like a three hour drive. It was commical! The military installations in that town are spread apart, not like a normal base is, with all its parts connected or nearby.... no... the Ansbach post is ALL OVER THE DARN PLACE. And we found every one of them but the one we needed!!!!! We finally had to call a coworker, who is from that area, and he told us where to go. I miss how in the States, the military bases are very clearly marked and you know well in advance when you are near one. Cell service here is also kind of spotty.

Overall though, we had fun.... thanks to the ride. She told me about some places I should visit and some of the cool programs for the Single Soldiers stationed here in Germany. She is pretty cool to hang out with and I am pretty stoked that she is in charge of me. I got a set of the shelves I wanted so I can put my laptop, my computer screen, and my printer all on my desk and still have some room to function. I think I might paint them black though to go with the other shelves that I brought from Fort Bragg. I do need to order some things from Ikea or at least go visit one here shortly and pick them up. I am determined to get everything organized here and make the most out of the room I have. I may get two small sets of shelves or drawers and lay a piece of wood over them for another work desk, I haven't decided yet. I need to wait until my stuff gets here and I get completely situated to know. I will probably rearrange this room a dozen times in the next two months until I am satisfied! I'll probably share pictures of it all as I go.

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