Sunday, March 2, 2014

Happy Mail :)

Hello again everyone! Three posts in one day... isn't that just amazing (anyone who actually knows me knows that this is a rare occurrence and it probably only happened because I try to schedule posts ahead of time! Haha.

Anywho, this post is all about the happy mail that I recieved last night upon reaching my parents house!

* The t-shirt is a print from an artist I follow on Facebook named Karen Hallion. She loves taking Disney Princesses and mixing them with Doctor Who (as you can see). She is FANTASTIC!

My new Canon Rebel T3 Camera for school. I am pretty excited for it!!! I also can't wait to use it for my photography business. I used a T1 version of the Rebel and loved it and I have played around a little with this camera since I got it and love it!

Happy Mail from my friend and pen pal Kathy! I love the male and female paper clips and the "he said" and "she said" mini cards! I think my favorite ones are the snail mail card and the black card with the flower type design on it! I can't wait to respond to her letter (which is in the big card)

Mail from Kristy! I absolutely love the big cards she sent me with a sticky note that said "since you're going to Germany I thought you could use these". They are fantastic and I can't wait to read her Mail Tag questions!

My newest pen pal Tiffany sent this lovely card. She handmade the card! I wish I could do that!!!! I need to learn to make cards and stuff like these ladies do because I am super behind the power curve on this craftiness.

 Last but certainly not least is my letter from Krista, also a new pen pal! I think my favorite part of the whole thing so far (haven't read the letter yet cuz I was half dead last night due to exhaustion) was either the way she folded the mail tag responses or the Minni Mouse cut out! They are absolutely fantastic!

I have some pretty awesome pen pals and I need to get better about blogging about the super stuff they send me. These ladies are all pretty inspiring and I need to step up my game on my replies and such. I'm gonna ask my mom for help on that because she is super crafty too! Kinda jealous!

Well, I am off to get ready for today's adventures! Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

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