Monday, March 24, 2014

#30 Days of Lists: 24

I am trying to ignore the fact that today is Monday. 
Today is the first day of drivers training and hoping to get my German drivers license.

♥ Hugs
♥ Smiles
♥ Kisses
♥ Love letters/ little notes
♥ listening
♥ caring
♥ cuddles

This one was kinda easy... although again it makes me really miss Zeke. I miss his hugs and cuddling with him and little silly kisses and just being silly in general. -.-' I've only been gone two weeks as of yesterday and I still have a couple months until I get to see him again.

Hopefully I will get to go see him for his birthday, depending on where I am at in the training program. I really hope I can take a couple days to go see him!

one of my favorite pictures of us at our friend's b-day party

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