Saturday, March 22, 2014

#30 Days of Lists: 22

Oh look, its already Saturday. This week has alternated between flying by and crawling. Today was pretty quick. Working on a Saturday is always a bummer in my eyes, I want to enjoy my weekend and take a break from work. Oh well. Not much happened during work, it was pretty slow on that end, but time still went by quickly.

This one is interesting because I ALWAYS have some type of music playing when I am in my room and not watching a movie. I don't know that I can just pick a few songs. So I'll share whats playing right now. :)

♥ Disney music -> We sing it in the Tower and then listened to it last night when we went out to dinner and to another co-workers house
♥ I'm Yours- The Script (playing as I write this. I really miss Zeke)
♥ Dropkick Murphys and Alkaline Trio
♥ I'll See You Again- Carrie Underwood
♥ Misery Business- Paramore
♥ Enemy-Drowning Pool
♥ Weight of the World- Evanescence
♥ 8 Second Ride- Jake Owen

There are a lot more I could add, but I will leave it to just this right now.

Tonight I went out with some of my coworkers, The Nobels and Eady and his wife Bianca. They took me to their favorite Greek restaurant (my mom laughed that we're in Germany and going to eat Greek). They chose that place because its right across the street from the Train Station and Marvin wanted to show me how to work the Train Station. It was a nice dinner. They had me try Ouzo for the first time.... probably never again. Haha. It's not my favorite. After that we went to Eady's house and hung out. We played some version of Charades on Bianca's iPad and it was hysterical. I am much better at guessing then acting things out. I surprised myself with the things I got right. 
Overall it was a nice night. It was nice to not spend it in my barracks and just get out and hang out with people I like here. Tomorrow is my only day off this weekend and I plan to be lazy (other then laundry and finishing letters) and watch movies that I brought with me.

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