Wednesday, March 12, 2014

#30 Days of Lists: 12

Hello and happy Wednesday everybody! Hope this finds you well. Today is only my 3rd day in Germany and I am starting to get settled in. I have internet and a home phone now (I couldn't get internet without it- but calls back to the States are free!) and have started to get my room organized. I am still trying to figure out how I am going to organize all my crafting stuff.... but that will come eventually I guess. Still waiting for AT&T to unlock my Samsung so I can put a sim card in it and use it here.

♥ Read
♥ Take photos
♥ Scrapbook
♥ Snail mail
♥ Walk
♥ Drown myself in favorite music
♥ social media (although its also for business purposes)
♥ blog
♥ Write in a journal

What are some things that you do for yourself?

My NCO took me to Graf today (I can't spell the whole town/base name) to the PX because its wayyyyyy bigger then ours. I totally didn't have my shopping list so I didn't get to get a whole lot, which kind of bummed me out. Also- I kept getting shocked every time I touched anything with any sort of metal in it. My NCO laughed at me! It was kinda funny but annoying at the same time. Tomorrow she is taking me to the small craft store on post and hopefully I can find some awesome things to craft with there! Maybe she'll even take me back to our PX now that I have a list!

She told me that she has no problem giving me rides until my car gets here. Pretty excited about that. I walked all over post again today and these hills are killing me. Especially the one that they call Warrior Hill. It links the JMRC area (where I live) to one of the main roads on post! Stupid hills are not my friend!!!

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