Sunday, March 2, 2014

"I Love" Sundays v.9

Happy Sunday everybody! I hope this finds you well!!!!

♥ Spending this weekend at my parents house since I fly out to Germany next weekend
♥ Going to lunch today with my parents, best friend, and some of Mom's coworkers
♥ Made the trip in decent time (It sucked)
♥ Going to Islands of Adventure today to see The Wizarding World of Harry Potter with two of my best friends
♥ Got happy mail last night!
(I won't lie- I was most excited about the camera! That's a post for later on though)

♥ Friday was my last day of work in F Co. Its a good thing but its also a sad thing. I am going to miss the cool people I've met. We had a lot of fun times! It's time for a new adventure though
♥ 30 Days of Lists started yesterday!
♥ Get to spend tomorrow hanging out with my mom who decided to take off of work. Her and I are going to do crafty stuff as well as get my storage unit together.

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