Thursday, March 6, 2014

#30 Days of Lists: 6

I think the better question is what project am I NOT in the middle of?
Especially since everything was pretty much put on hold for this silly unavoidable move

♣ 2014 Scrapbook
♣ 30 Days of Lists
♣ Anniversary Album 
♣ Art book shared with Mom (we pass it around)
♣ "Our Story" book with bestie (we're writing our own story together)
♣ Baby blanket for a friend
♣ Deployment Scrapbook
♣ Pen pal album
♣ Stack of pen pal letters!
♣ J.L. McClure Photography Facebook and Blog (I'll share the blog link when I am satisfied with what I've got done)

I'm sure there are many more projects that I am in the middle of that I can't even think of right now because my life is all over the place and pretty hectic. Today is the last day for the movers to come and get my stuff and then its just spending the days with the boyfriend before I leave on the 9th and a whole new adventure begins for me. Its actually stressing me out quite a lot and I wish I wasn't moving so far away.

Yesterday's moving/packing adventure

Moving went super quick today, there really wasn't much there for them to pack as most of it got picked up yesterday. I packed up my suitcase and repacked my craft duffel (because yes- I have an entire duffel bag dedicated to my crafting supplies so I don't have to wait to have it sent to me. XD ) and cleared out of my room. I cleaned it and left the keys for my roommate and NCO to turn in to the Barracks NCO's. Now I am just chillin on my friend's house watching Harry Potter with his kids.

Wish me luck!

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