Wednesday, March 19, 2014

#30 Days of Lists: 19

Ooooo... this one could be dangerous. Haha! There are about a million and a half pins that I want to try if I ever get the time. Mostly crafty ones with a side of yummy food ones!

1. This pin would be fun to do with/for kids

2. I think I am definitely going to do this one once I get all my craft supplies.

3. This one would be pretty simple and just plain pretty. I think I will do this once I get someone to send me some pain chip thingies!

4. I want to fill my addiction to penguins with this.

5. I've got a ton of shirts to make this! Either I am going to make it or I am going to pay someone to make me one!

These are just the first few I found or else I would be here all day and you all would lose interest in my post. Haha! There are about a million pins I want to try, and I will probably do a follow up post.

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