Sunday, March 16, 2014

#30 Days of Lists: 16

Well, this one should be fun. I promise that I shall try to keep it short.... but my to do list is like a mile long right now. Haha. I have a LOT to get done.

♠ Schedule Flight Physical Appointments
♠ Take Ch.1 Test
♠Complete in-processing
♠ Set up Soldier Binder and "I Love" Me Binder
♠ Reorganize Medical Binder

 ♠ Build sticky note motivation wall
♠ Post Card Wall
♠ Go to PX to get last minute items (see list)
♠ Purchase stuff from Ikea (they deliver here :D )
♠ Move desk and set up properly

♠ Organize PL Cards
♠ Plan PL albums
♠ Buy Raskog cart and organizing trays
♠ Work on travel notebook
♠ Finish cutting out printed journaling cards
♠ Need more organizing boxes for embellishments and such
♠ Organize Washi tape
♠ Organize wooden stamps and ink
♠ Kristal's wedding present(s)

♠ Take more pictures
♠ Pen Pal Letters
♠ Update address book
♠ Buy stamps
♠ Finish Supernatural
♠ Take time to relax and breathe
♠ Plan entry's for Zeke journal
♠ Today's "I Love" Sunday's post
♠ Plan this weeks lists (I don't have a lot of time during the week)
♠ Read a chapter of Game of Thrones
♠ Purchase the City of Bones series

I know there is WAYYYYYY more on my to do list but I fear that the list will never be empty. I will have to print each part of this on to its own journal card just to put it in my album, hahaha. :)

What all is on your to do list?

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