Thursday, March 27, 2014

Traveling Europe: Nürnburg

Hello all and happy Thursday to each and everyone one of you. I'm rather proud of myself because today I finished my homework for my two new classes, posted today's list for #30 Days of Lists, and even managed to upload the pictures from today's trip much quicker then I thought I would. I figured that I could work on the first part of a new series, Traveling Europe.

Today I got to travel to a city in the Bavarian region of Germany known as Nürnburg (sometimes called Nuremburg in English). Nürnburg is the second largest city in Bavaria. According to a book I picked up at my PX called Germany by Rock Steves, it is known for its "glorious medieval architecture, important Germanic history museum, haunting Nazi past, famous Christmas Market (the biggest Christmas market in Germany), and its little bratwurst." This city was a Roman city until the Nazi's took over during the war.

I can't wait to go back there with no agenda and actually enjoy everything. Don't get me wrong, I did enjoy today, quite a lot, but we didn't get to see everything because we had a schedule to keep. Today I just wanna show you some of the pictures I took and give you a little background info on some things. All the pictures can be found on my photography FB page J.L. McClure Photography. The more I visit, the more information I will try to share!

This is the outside of the St. Klarakirche (St. Clare's Church). I can't find when the church was originally built, but according to the Tourismus Nürnburg website, the church was partially destroyed on May 16, 1945 in a bombing attack. They reconstructed it from 1948-1953 and rebuilt it in 2007. The outside still has the same architectural style from when it originally was built, but the inside is completely modern. It threw us all off a little bit when we went inside.

the inside of St. Klarakirche

We went to one other church while we were there and this one was simply AMAZING!!! This one is called St. Lorenzkirche (St. Lawrence's Church). It was built in the 1200's and it just blew my mind. It was originally a Catholic church but now serves as a Protestant church.

 I love all the high vaulted ceilings and just all around beautiful architecture. I'm sure I could do a whole post on this church alone!

This is where we had lunch at. Its a nice little German restaurant that served some great food. Most everyone got the bratwurst while I was the odd ball that had chicken breast and spiced noodles. Decent prices and it was a nice clean facility. We got a table in the back together, and although we all need to get used to sitting so close and not having as much room, it was a great lunch. The teacher taught us a little about Bavarian etiquette while eating and the differences between Bavaria and America when it comes to some things.

The last major place we visited before leaving was the Imperial Castle which is known as Kaiserburg. This castle was used in the Middle Ages by Holy Roman Emperors while they were in town. The whole thing has a total of around 45 buildings all together. There is a Hostel located on the grounds, which was a nice little place. Very clean and modern, surprised some of the people I was with. We walked up a kind of steep hill and got to look out over the city skyline.

This was the Hostel on the castle grounds
One of the buildings on the grounds.

A side view of the skyline

One of the skyline shots I got

Like I said, I can't wait to visit Nürnburg again! There is a Nazi Rally Ground that I would LOVE to be able to visit as well as see more of the German history and how the Nazi's effected this particular town. I can't wait to see the Christmas Market which is like the biggest in Germany or something and basically that is a big deal! I just want a little more time to explore the town when I am not on a schedule.

Please give me feedback on how you liked/disliked the first segment of Travel Europe. I was trying not to overload you guys with pictures from the trip because there were 145 on my camera,  not counting the ones that were taken on my phone which I haven't gotten too yet. Let me know if there is other stuff you'd like to see in a segment like this that I can keep in mind for next time.

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