Sunday, March 9, 2014

#30 Days of Lists: 9

 Happy Sunday everyone!

* Keep calm an Chive On
* Keep Calm and Craft On
* Keep Calm and Fly On
*Keep Calm and This is just another adventure

 I need to learn how to create my own posters it seems. I really need to work on my Photoshop experience for college and for crafting because I am feeling slightly inadequate.

Its kind of funny how today's prompt is Keep Calm and ___ and today is the day I leave for Germany.
Going to be on a ridiculously long flight and I don't like flying. I'm the kind of person who would prefer to keep their feet on the ground. I'm not scared to fly... its just not on my top list of things to do.... Thank god I have an iPod and iPad to keep me company and hopefully I'll sleep a good part of the flight. I also hope this plane is awesome and has internet on it so I can keep myself busy while I'm awake. Otherwise I am just going to be reading a crap ton! Maybe I'll finish reading Game of Thrones finally!

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  1. Enjoy your flight! Reading is a great alternative to the internet!