Tuesday, March 4, 2014

#30 Days of Lists: 4

* Project Life Cards

* Pens
* Stickers
* Paper
* Stamps
*Washi tape
* Markers

Kind of a short list today. I am spending the majority of the day driving from my parents house in Florida back to Bragg... its like 624 mi.... and hopefully the weather doesn't get too crappy.

Today they picked up the first round of my house hold goods, they are going to be shipped to my storage unit in Florida. :) Tomorrow and the day after are my other two shipments to be sent to Germany... one to get there in 30 days and the other in 75.

Random side happy note- I had a malfunctioning iPhone that I have been trying to get replaced for months because they sent it to me and the wifi and bluetooth didn't work and it was slow to open anything on it. Well, my mother and I went to AT&T yesterday to try to get it fixed and I was actually able to get a Samsung Galaxy S4 instead of my iPhone. Don't get me wrong, I have nothing against Apple (I have an iPod, iPad, and used to have a Mac before it died), but the iPhone was making me super angry! I am so happy to have a new WORKING phone that I literally jumped around for joy in the store yesterday and the guy laughed at me and asked what was in my soda and if I would share some.

I had to give most of my craft supplies and tools to my mother to ship them to me as soon as I have an address, because they will get there faster then if I sent them through the military.

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