Friday, March 7, 2014

#30 Days of Lists: 7

Happy Friday everyone! I hope this finds you well! Are you participating in this round of listing? If so, how is it going?? I have to wait until I get to Germany to get my printer back to make my cards for my 2014 Album. I may even do a mini book as well just because I need to practice making those!

♥ Hopscotch
♥ Jump rope
♥ Donkey Kong for the 64
♥ Pokemon Cards
♥ Super Mario Bros
♥ Sonic the Hedge Hog
♥ Yu-Gi-Oh Cards (yes, I was a nerd)
♥ Star Fox for the 64
♥ Harry Potter Scene-It (bestie and I used to play it ALL the time)
♥ Hide and Seek
♥ Manhunt
♥ Original Pokemon for the Game Boy Advance (Blue and Yellow were the ones I had)

God I miss being a kid! Life was so easy and so much fun back then. Don't get me wrong, my life is fun today, just in different ways. I miss how stressfree the days were because as kids there was nothing really to worry about.

Cleared out of my barracks room yesterday, so I spent last night and today on my friends couch. I've definitely got some great friends! Dennis said I could stay on his couch as long as I need or leave my stuff in his house if needed. That's pretty awesome. His kids are cool too and I kind of think of them all as extended family. I am definitely going to miss this whole family when I leave. They have been so awesome and helpful when I have needed it. They let me come over and hang out when I have nothing going on or just need to be around people.

Zombie Walk 2013
All this family is missing here in the photo is Amy and Summer (the mom and the daughter)
But Dennis is the big guy in the back left and the three boys on the right are his.

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