Tuesday, March 11, 2014

#30 Days of Lists: 11 & Zach

Happy Tuesday ladies and gents!

◘ Listen to music
◘ Take a deep breath
◘ Make a list of what needs to be done
◘ Take a moment to think things through

Today is a little hard to focus actually. Luckily I have someone to lead me around and keep me on track. Hopefully today isn't a long day.
Today is the anniversary of the death of one of my high school buddies:
SPC Zachary Shannon

He died in Afghanistan a year ago today. I found out hours after it happened and my heart broke. It broke for him. For his friends. For his unit. Especially for his family. 
I spent four years with Zack in high school, we had NJROTC together.

This was our senior year, 
one of the last times I saw Zack.
The Army, deployments, and duty stations got in the way and we lost touch.

Zack was such an amazing guy though!
Anyone who knew him knew there life was a bit better because of him.

You're missed dearly dear brother
Now you fly amongst the angels
keeping watch over all of us.
Always in our thoughts.

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