Friday, March 21, 2014

#30 Days of Lists: 21

Happy Friday everyone. I wish I could say that it meant the weekend was upon me, but I still have to work tomorrow, so it doesn't count for me yet. This week has been alright here at work, kinda silly. The closer we get to the end of the week, the sillier the days become. Its like we're all losing our minds. I'm not doing much other then studying and taking tests while we wait for my appointments to return me to Flight Status so I can properly start training. I sit there a lot when I am not studying and try to pick up on things that are going on. Trying to learn the airspace, phraseology, and reporting points.... kinda hard.

The people here are nice. My favorite are a couple on temporary loan from another unit and our civilian, Mrs. H. They crack me up and really try to make me feel included even though I am new. The couple gives me a ride to/from work every day and are just super cool people. I am going to be super sad when they leave in a couple weeks. They go back to their post for a little while and are hopefully going to transfer back here for good in a month or two.

One of my Supervisors decided he wanted to cook on the grill today for lunch, which was fantastic. He made hot dogs, a steak or two, and brots. It was just a nice change from a wrap or Burger King.

♥ Day --> Good friends, happiness, and smiles
♥ Night --> Cuddles, kisses, and snuggles (I really miss this one right now)
♥ Letter --> Time, patience, and effort
♥ Craft --> Time, patience, effort, and good supplies. Maybe a little bit of planning
♥ Date --> Love, hugs, kisses, food, tv shows, and cuddles

This prompt was kinda interesting and I kind of had to think. I am a simple person. When I refer to my perfect date night.... for things like food I mean like a home cooked meal or ordering out. I don't need to go out to eat for a great date night. Zeke and I used to just order food and watch Netflix, which was perfect to me!

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