Saturday, March 29, 2014

#30 Days of Lists: 29

Spent today in Rammstein with some friends. Checked out the "mall" there that everyone talks about! Can't believe tomorrow is the last list. :(

I don't have any here in Germany yet, so I will use local businesses back home or in NC.
Some of these are actual Big Name stores

* Walmart (I miss the crap outta that place now that I can't access it)
* A.C. Moore
* Michaels
* Joanne
* Target
* Hot Topic
* Spencers
 *Clothes Line Too (FL)
Never really visited Mom and Pop shops at Bragg because there weren't that many. The only one I can remember from near my parents house was a cool little Consignment store where we bought all my dresses in high school.

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