Sunday, March 16, 2014

"I Love" Sundays v.11

Hello and Happy Sunday everyone! I hope this post finds you all well. I am adjusting okay for the most part.... but it is still a little weird. For the most part I forget that I am in another country unless I hear someone from here. This post is definitely mostly American military and its kind of comforting. Please understand, I have nothing against the Germans or what not.... just this reminds me of home in a small way.

I really need to update and perfect this thing

♥ I got to talk with Zeke on the phone several times this week. That always makes me happy.

♥ The plane ride was rather uneventful... although I couldn't sleep during it. It did mean that I got to watch four new movies though, that was pretty exciting.

♥ The people I work with are pretty darn awesome. They treat me like I am a real human being and not just a rank. My NCO is F*&^%)# amazing! She drives me everywhere when she can and she is really taking care of me. One of the best NCO's I have ever met. She is giving me heads up on great places to travel. No one makes me feel left out or weird just because I am the new girl.

♥ Being able to talk to family, even just through facebook is always amazing. I miss home so much and I can't wait to go home and see everyone. On the other side of that, I can't wait to go travel and I am kinda glad to be here.

♥ Zeke is now officially a civilian! :) He is back home with his family and getting ready to start the next part of his adventure.

♥ Lots of inspiration for my PL books.... now I just need to sit down and do it!!!!!!

♥ My room is starting to come together (finally) but it will be much better once all my stuff gets here!

♥ Walked to the PX today and it was freezing. The part that I love is that two seperate people offered to give me a ride (one there and one back) because of the steepness of "Warrior Hill" One was an MP and the other was just a super nice Soldier who got here  couple months ago and knows how bad that hill sucks. Its awesome to see how nice the people are here!

What all are you loving from this past week?!?!?

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