Tuesday, February 18, 2014

19 Days

Happy Tuesday everyone. Today was my Monday at work, due to the four day weekend we had this past weekend for President's Day. It was a Federal Holiday as most of you are aware, however the students in my area had to go to school on Saturday and yesterday to make up for some of last weeks snow days. That is lame!

So today I was talking with some coworkers and they asked me how long I have left in this unit before I move on to the next one.... I figured it out.... 19 days left.... before I get on the plane to Germany.

I am part of a group on FB that is teaching Soldiers and spouses to speak German... at least the basic stuff
19 days before my life changes forever and its one of the scariest things in my life. More so then going to Afghanistan.... which sounds ridiculous, I'm very aware. At least with Afghanistan I knew what to expect and it was a short time span.... this one is going to be 2.5 years away from my boyfriend and family and friends.

My favorite pic of me and the boyfriend
And go figure.... I would make some of my most memorable friendships right before I leave.... two of the people I am going to miss most have become friends in the last six months. Kelli and Kim are two of my all time favorite people. This is the sad part of being in the military. You make friends and you always get seperated.... but at least there is Social Media. I plan to stay in touch with several people once I leave... it just scares me. I don't wanna have to go meet new coworkers and make new friends! I want to keep the ones I have now....

Although I am very much ready to get away from my unit and my division. Being part of the 82nd is different then anywhere in the world. The 82nd is known for its Airborne Infantry and really isn't any place for Aviation. Yes, we're a support brigade... used to support the infantry guys, but its a little ridiculous that we follow all of their same rules... and some don't apply to us. >.< Its a point of contention with several people in my unit as well as between me and my boyfriend (he's a medic from one of the infantry brigades- he's Airborne) and I am known as a "Leg" because I am not Airborne.

Anyway, needless to say. I have 10 days left to clear post, which does include at least two weekends, which gives me even less time to clear the post. Its a lot of work and briefings. I need to get my personal belongings separated into the piles for selling/donating, sending to FL, sending to Germany. I need to get what is going to Florida and Germany packed up and cataloged before the movers come to take it. I need to get my vehicle ready to be shipped to Germany (its awesome that I will be able to take it with me). I need to make a trip to the local Thrift store and sell or donate the items and clothes that I can so I can get rid of it (and maybe make a little money if possible) I need to make a trip to my parents house in Florida and drop stuff off in their storage unit. There is a long to-do list I have and it just seems to keep getting longer.

Its scary that I will be gone soon. I am actually talking to my boyfriend about it and we're both pretty bummed about it. I wish he could go with me, but he is going to college here in the States instead. He promises to visit as does my best friend Lindsay. I'm going to miss them all a lot, but in different ways. My parents and best friend will still be there in Florida when I get home (unless they decide to move some where more tropical with less political issues), the relationship I am most worried about is my boyfriend... distance tears some relationships apart and right now its my biggest hurdle. I have to have faith in my relationship and tell myself that if its meant to be, then it will be. If not, at least I can say that I tried and gave it my all.

Anywho, enough of my life rant.

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