Sunday, February 2, 2014

"I Love" Sundays v.6

So I totally skipped week 5 of "I Love" Sundays posts last week. There was some stuff going on and it slipped my mind until Wednesday when I was working on my blog, and by then it was too late to make it up. Haha. Maybe I should set reminders on my phone like I do with my medicine.

It is Super Bowl Sunday. I don't really care which team wins because neither of them are my favorites. It is nice though to have new teams that aren't always part of the Super Bowl. Boyfriend and I are going to a party today at my friend Dennis' house to watch the game and hang out with friends. It should be interesting because there are going to be Bronco's fans AND Seahawks fans at the party. Bring on the trash talk.

It is a new month! I am going to TRY, please note I said TRY, to do a couple challenges this month. I want to try a Currently card every day, the Instagram #fmsphotoaday challenge, and also the Doodle-A-Day challenge. I think it would be something new for me to try and something fun for my scrapbook

I got three letters on Friday to respond too and two more requests to be pen pals. That's five letters I should be writing today before the Super Bowl party tonight! I think that means I now have like 12 pen pals and I think I am good with that for now. I don't know. There are one or two that hardly write back and I may not keep them as pen pals. I LOVE having serious pen pals and getting snail mail all the time! It makes me super happy and I actually look forward to checking my mail frequently. I like having consistent pen pals that write back frequently because that way we carry on a consistent conversation and it makes it feel like I really am making new friends. I had one pen pal that said "I can't afford to travel as much as I want, but what better way to travel then letting your heart travel through your letters" or something to that effect. Its true though! It is fantastic!

Had two days off this past week due to snow. It was glorious. There really wasn't a lot of snow, we only got like 2-3 inches, but this part of North Carolina isn't really used to the snow so everything went a little crazy. The roads got super icey so I am glad that they shut post down for the two days there probably would've been WAYYYYY more accidents on the road had they made everyone try to come into work. We had to dig my SUV and my friend Reid's car out of the snow and Ice, because they were covered. It was highly entertaining! And these two guys were going around helping people clear out their cars for no reason other then they were wanting to help, so it made it fun. We laughed and giggled. And Reid learned a lesson- get an ice scraper! Haha. This is the coldest winter we've had here at Bragg the entire time I've been here. It's strange! I'm ready for the warmth again!!!

♥  My half days at work are about to end. My 1SG and Commander are back from their month long field mission and that means we're about to go back to stupid long days of just sitting around and twiddling our thumbs. The break has been nice, the free time has been nice, because I have been able to get a bit done that I really needed too!

Reid and I had a movie night this past Wednesday. She's never seen the Disney movie Brave and she's wanted to watch Frozen, so we watched both of them back to back. I love those movies.... they are so cute!!!!! 

We also have tomorrow off from work! There is this thing here in the 82nd that if the ENTIRE division goes 82 days without an alcohol related accident, then we get a day off.... surprisingly.... we've done that so they gave us Monday off. I'm sure they picked Monday just because today is Super Bowl Sunday and they know there will be a TON of people drinking on and off post during the game.... I think this is one of the smartest things they've done lately. Soldier's seem to get extra stupid when alcohol is involved and still being drunk or hungover for PT the next day isn't really a good idea either....

So what are you loving this week? I have to go try again to turn my homework in. It didn't want to upload to the website last night and I was working at it until almost 1130pm..... Hopefully it cooperates today!  Who do you want to win the Super Bowl? Or are you like me and just don't care either way!!!


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