Tuesday, February 11, 2014

My Farewell

Today was my Farewell for F Co. I start my leave on 01 Mar and will be heading to Germany on 09 March. I've been in this company for almost 3 years now, been on deployment with some of these guys (a lot have already left), worked as the Operations clerk for over a year, started and ran the company FB page, been the company photographer, and pretty much ran the company. Now its time for me to pass the torch on to other people (because not everyone can do everything that I did at one time). I have to train my Ops replacement, I've passed the torch on the photographer to a friend of mine, and have my replacement for several of the other extra duties that I did as well.

Everyone keeps telling me that don't know what they're going to do when I leave. I don't think everyone realized everything I did for the company until I am getting ready to leave.

I was given the job of Operations clerk in November of 2012. I did all the paperwork for the company, including Soldier specific stuff to keep everyone on track. I also assumed the roll of company photographer at all events that ranged from Awards to Hail & Farewell and even the company BBQ. I helped get the new Soldier's situated and on the right track. When my new commander came in in July of 2013, he relied very heavily on me simply because he'd never been a company commander before. I started to pretty much run the company with my 1SG's help. I attended the battalion training meetings, kept my commander up to date on everything I did involving our battalion, and kept him on track for things he had to do (I've made a lot of calendars!)

Yesterday we had a Farewell lunch at Smokey Bones for me and another Soldier who is departing. The Commander and 1SG made it very clear how big my role in the company was. They presented me with my plaque and gave me a chance to give a little speech. I honestly didn't know what to say. I thanked a couple of people who were there that helped me all the time and I acted a little silly as per usual (held my plaque upside down), and then went back to my job of photographer and presenting the award to the other guy who was leaving.

Here are some of the pictures from yesterday:

 a photo I took of two of my coworkers. Pagan and I work on the same Tower Control System and Drozd is our supply clerk. Her and I happen to live in the same building and I was her sponsor when she got to Bragg.

 SPC Vong has been with us since part way through the deployment.

 SPC Guerrero and I work on the same system as well. He's a great guy and him and I became really good friends. He's getting ready to go back home to Texas.

 My Commander giving me my plaque. It was kind of bitter sweet to be getting one.

The guy on the left is leaving like I am. SFC Martinez has been in the company almost as long as I have and I have worked as his Soldier as well as with him as the Ops Clerk. I learned a lot from him and he's made an impact on me as a Soldier. He helped shaped me into the Soldier I have become. He's one of the greatest guys I know and I am so happy that he achieved the next rank! I hope to run into him again in my life!

Like I said, its kind of bitter sweet for me to be getting a plaque and getting ready to leave. I never thought I would leave Fort Bragg... its kind of a black hole like that. A couple of people have gotten orders to other places and then their orders have been cancelled- I wouldn't be surprised if it did happen honestly. I am ready to leave the unit, get experience some where else, but I really am going to miss some of the people I've met. They are what have made these last three years bareable and helped make me into the person I am now.

Bad Boys for Life

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