Wednesday, February 5, 2014

February Goals

I know that I am a little late here... as usual. Haha. Life has been a little hectic.
This month I have to get ready to go to Germany, its my year anniversary, and I have to plan my leave... just to name a few things. I try to make sure to plan out posts ahead of time... but sometimes I forget.

Here are some goals for February:

♦ Catch up on my scrapbook
♦ Get belongings sorted into piles for sending to FL, sending to FL, Carry on, and sell/donate
♦ Organize Pen Pal album
♦ Currently Journaling challenge each day!
♦ Create a 1 year PL mini album for Zeke and I
♦ Finish his anniversary present ((I don't know why I always want to handmade them))
♦ Sign up for #30 Days of Lists
♦ Create List Book ((for everything other then #30 Days of Lists
♦ Create Photography page for upcoming business
♦ Order Canon camera through school
♦ Finish first two classes with at least a B Average
♦ Create a work hard drive to keep track of everything I created while in my current company that I want to take to my new one
♦ Keep up better on my blog

I think that's a good place to start. :)

What are your goals for February?

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