Sunday, January 5, 2014

"I Love" Sunday's v.2

* I'm teaching myself how to make graphics for this blog, and although this is simple.... I am just happy to have made this much. Haha. Now I just need to perfect it. Add some stuff, like a heart or something, and make it a little more fancy!

* Spending New Years Eve with my boyfriend and some of our friends. It was a nice night (for the most part) and for the first time in my life... I had someone to kiss once it hit midnight. :)

 *  Finished Season 1 of CSI: New York ---> I love Gary Sinise (and it doesn't hurt that I met him once!) He was totally awesome! He came to Fort Bragg to talk to us about his Non-Profit Organization that helps Soldiers. He also had a concert on post that night.

* Patti M sent me a wonderful little "Pen Pal Starter Kit" because I mentioned how I really didn't have a whole lot of stuff. If you follow Patti on Instagram, then you'd know she makes some pretty amazing pen pal letters! See the purple envelope she sent? She stitched on the design (which I am totally in love with by the way!) and its probably my favorite part! As soon as I got this package, I just had to write back to her!

* Doing pretty well on a quick return time on my letter correspondence! A week at the longest is all I am comfortable with, and the hardest part seems to be getting to the post office to mail the letters off! I have also written quite a few introduction letters today!

* Got my first Project Life kit, Honey Edition! I'm beyond excited to use it in my 2014 Scrapbook! I have a lot of plans for this scrapbook, like I've mentioned. I have also decided (thanks to talking with someone-can't remember who- to have Zeke add his own little insights -maybe it was Patti in her latest letter. I think I shall start with today and ask him to share something that he loves about this past week. I think it will make this whole experience more special. Gonna ask my mom and some other people to add their little tidbits as well!

This week is a kind of short list, it was back to work this week so not a whole lot is worth mentioning. I still have to finish this week's scrapbook pages. I've been keeping tabs during the week of stuff to write or add in. I shall share pictures once I complete it. And hopefully next week I have a better headline next week!

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