Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Snailmail Facebook Group

Hey there friends! I was on instagram the other day and was looking at all the friends that I have there that do pen pals and snailmail and it got me thinking. I then went to Facebook and went looking to see if there was a group there for snailmail and sharing stuff--> AND I COULDN'T FIND ONE! I was shocked! On Facebook of all places, how was there NOT already a snail mail group?

I knew I needed to change that! So I created the group Snailmail Friends. I wanted to have a place where people could come to share ideas, share their inbound and outbound mail (who doesn't love seeing all the awesome stuff people are getting), mail tag (a lot of people don't know what that is), and just a place to ask questions or get advice related to snail mail.

Holy crap did that group grow quickly! I was SO excited! Like you have no idea. Haha. Within the first 24 hrs there were already almost 50 people. And now, just a couple days later, there are almost 80! And there have been TONS of questions asked and information shared, pictures of snail mail shared, and just new friends made! I absolutely LOVE it!

I had hopes for the group, but didn't know I was going to get the response that I thought I was. I can only hope that it continues to grow past my expectations!

It also got 3 of my friends that I know to get involved in it too! That made me jump for joy!

And one of the admins actually had the great idea to give us a IG hashtag! YAY! Haha

So if you like snailmail and getting happy mail in your box, join our newest group and go exploring in the world of snailmail and pen pals!

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