Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Incoming Snailmail pt. 1

Hey there again friends! Two posts in one day, who knew? And another snailmail related post? Good lord.... I was on the Snailmail Friends FB group and someone mentioned blogs and it got me thinking. One of the things I have been meaning to work on was this silly little blog of mine, and figured why not post about one of my biggest loves- snailmail and letter writing?!? I can probably make an entire series out of it with all my letter decorations, inbound and outbound mail, how I keep my stuff organized, and stuff like that. Later this week I may share how I got into it in the first place (my roommate and I were actually just talking about it).

Today I just wanted to share all my incoming mail to this point! There have been lots of great letters and an awesome package since I started back in November of 2013! I know that seeing pictures of other peoples inbound mail gives me lots of ideas for things that I either want to share (mail tag questions) and even ways to decorate or package my outbound stuff!

 It all started with the Christmas cards- two from my family and one from my first pen pal Patti (hers is the far right one)
 Next was a shirt I ordered online (counts as happy mail) and a letter and christmas card from my friend Lisa!

This was my "Pen Pal Starter Kit" from my pen pal Patti that I recieved on New Years Day. I had mentioned how I really didn't have a lot of stuff so she went out and bought me all of this wonderful stuff! ((I actually forgot about that Snailmail stamp until right now...))

 This was a lovely letter from my friend Emily and another little letter from my friend Rachel. I love how Emily drew all over the back of her letter. She is quite talented!

This was one of my latest inbound mail from Melissa and Liza! Liza wrote on some super pretty stationary and she is one of the only people I have seen write in cursive! I loved Melissa's mail tag questions, because other the Patti, she is the only one so far to do mail tag!

I absolutely love getting snail mail in my little mail box, I check my box frequently now just to see if I have anything! I know that i have at least three letters inbound at this time from various people and I can't wait to get them and reply. I've been really good at replying almost instantly to letters and sending them out the next day!

Do you like snail mail? If so, please check out the facebook page above and join us!

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