Thursday, January 30, 2014

Snailmail organization

Hello! Happy Thursday!
I hope this finds you well! It snowed here Wednesday night and I got yesterday and today off from work due to the snow and the ice and I finally decided to get my butt in gear and work on this little blog!

Today I wanted to share how I organize my snailmail stuff because someone asked me how I keep track of my inbound and outbound mail when its sent. That and I just love taking pictures of stuff and being organized! And I want to make my snailmail stuff more common on this blog!

 This is my little station. I bought the little holder thingy at like Walmart or something I think. It has three sections, one for my stamps and tracker, another for my handmade envelopes and a stationary set someone bought me, another for all my other blank envelopes and my sticker seals. I also currently have post cards in there until I get a little album for them. Next to it is also a note card set someone bought me that I occasionally use for mail tag and other random writings.

 Until I figure out my pen pal album, this is were I hold my inbound mail! I had dividers set up for each person with their letters behind it- but they fell down because I don't have enough letters to keep them standing. Haha. The top one is a letter from Patti who embroidered some triangles on the top. One of my favorites!
Because someone in the facebook group had asked how people keep track of their inbound and outbound letters, I had taken a picture of my little book. As you can see.... it is little (I put the pen next to it for comparison) Each day I get or send mail, I just write the date, whether its inbound or outbound, and who its for/from. Its pretty simple and its worked pretty well for me so far.

How do you keep track of your supplies and when you send/receive mail? Check out the group for more friends and ideas!

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