Saturday, January 4, 2014

Recap 2013 ((pics))

Hello all! And a Happy Saturday to you all!

I am working on my scrapbook and doing a recap of 2013, and decided I should share the recap here. :) I'll try to make it short and it may be out of order! My scrapbook should hopefully have more details, I just don't want to bore you guys to death and overload you with pictures!

* New Years Eve 2012 spent with Sarah D (can't find the pictures :( )

* Zeke and I started Dating --> This is one of the first pictures we have together. We went to the local country bar with a bunch of our friends (Will is the weird guy in the left corner photo-bombing) and we had a blast. I like dancing with him and it is nice to have a boyfriend that likes country bars too!

* Founded The Quirky Craftsters as a business --> Sarah and I decided to try our hands at selling our handmade fabric flower hair clips and headbands. We also make tulle tutus.

* First Craft Fair with Sarah --> Our table. That day was stressful and we still didn't have a lot of orders, but it was fun and it was a nice taste to get us going!

* Took Zeke to meet my family in FL --> My older brother Terry and his family visited, Zeke and I are in the middle, and my youngest sibling Jordan is on the far right. We coordinated it so that we were all there together!

* Recieved my Good Conduct Medal for 3 years of service without incident--> This is m best friend Kolby as we both got our GCM's. We've been in for almost the same amount of time so we got them together.

* Got rated on my system (finally!!!!)

* First active duty unit to field a new system that is the new big brother to my old system --> collage of training

* Started penpaling! I've met some awesome new people --> Just one of my inbound mail sets.

* Thanksgiving with the K's and then the N's! Zeke helped cut the ham at the K's house.

* Christmas with Zeke. Dinner at my coworker Kelli's house --> The only picture I really go was of the cupcakes at dinner. Haha

* New Years at the K's--> I loved that I got to spend the holiday with him and I finally had someone to kiss after midnight

This is just a small collection of memories from 2013. I know there are a lot more things I could have added, but these are the ones I remember and I would rather have pictures to share. There are lots more pictures I have saved, but I tried to find the best of them.

Doing this short recap has definitely told me that I need to be better at documenting life and keeping pictures. Which is my whole main goal in 2014!!

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